Fire & Safety Technicians

Participates in the duties of fire fighting and rescue team. Inspect, test and maintain fire and safety protection systems / equipment and life saving appliances. Perform fire watch activities and ensure compliance with the safety requirements during the work. Provide necessary assistance to the Supervisor as and when required.

Assurance Specialist

Our client Mcdermott is looking for a specialist in Quality Assurance . Review requests for quotations, technical bid evaluations and purchase requisitions / subcontracts to ensure project specific requirements are identified.

Fire & Safety Supervisor

Carry out and lead the duties a)' maintenance, testing, calibrating and operation of the fixed and portable firefighting fire detection equipment, firefightlng , •›* *R!"!! fighting eqtzipment and all so/ety evacuation appliances & re/ated budget preparations. Lead the duties o/ Emergency Response fire Chief role and implement Emergency Response approved Scenarios exercises and emergency Drills & training ]'or Search & Rescue teams, Life Boat coxswain, Oil Spill fighting response, and fire watch, Fire Fighting and helicopter crash & HLO teams. Hold responsi6i/ity o/ maintenance onzf ovoilo6i/ity o/ personal /i/e sov/ng equipment and appliances


To lead a team fabricators, welders and helpers and ensures timely, quality and safe execution of piping and structures in accordance to piping classes and quality control requirements. To participate in the long and short term planning for major welding repair works which are related mainly to static equipment (Vessels, Boilers, Furnaces, Tanks, Coolers and Heat Exchangers) as part of the cross-functional team.