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OPERATION SUPERINTENDENT OIL MOVEMENT Asiapower Overseas Employment Services Doha, Qatar



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Sat Apr 13, 2019
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Fri Feb 22, 2019

Job Summary

For our client QP in Qatar
Control and coordinate the movement of Crude and Condensate feeds to Crude & Condensate Refineries, raw/blended Products within Refinery, the import/export of refined products on schedule through Berth No. 6, the blending of refinery products to the marketing specification in particular the Gasoline (97R and 90 R) and LGO products, supply and return of raw materials with AL-SEEF linear alkyl benzene plant (LAB). Ensure the efficient and economical operations of the Tank Farm Operation, uninterrupted supply of on-spec refined products for local market, maintaining the strategic storage of Petroleum products, that offsite area in the Refinery, and Berth6 installations have safe and sound operating condition and free of fire hazards.

Job Description

  1. Monitor and manage the activities of assigned Personnel in oil movement and Jetty/Berth6 areas to ensure quality, continuous improvement, high performance, and adherence to standards, establish optimum operating conditions and parameters, monitor operations and ensure blending, internal transfers, petroleum products supply to local and shipping operations are carried out in a timely and efficient manner and no demurrage given at any time. 

  2. Plan and execute pumping and storage of feedstock, blending components, and final refined petroleum products, ensure safe and adequate storage of petroleum products, no product contamination during operations including multi product transfers to Doha and multi product import /export to berth 6 during shipping and commitments to plans of import/export are met, review measurements of volume and quality, directing tank to tank transfers, blending and monitoring all phase of operations for compliance with established procedures and safety regulations, monitor blending operations as per Production Planning advice to create finished on-spec Refined products for maximizing profit to the company. 

  3. Periodically check the assigned operating areas including oil movement, Jetty / Berth 6, emergency loading area (ELA) and control rooms, ensure facilities are maintained well in safe and optimum condition and all products specifications are met, review the laboratory results of the final and intermediate products, the daily performance summaries detailing the periodical operational data and discuss problems with shift supervisors to find resolutions, check the equipment and work in progress and ensure meter proving of all transferred products and healthy status of firefighting system and facilities.

  4. Prepare and review start-up, shutdown, emergency, critical operating procedures and standing instructions for oil movement and ensure that these are updated according to practical experience gained with a view to maintain high operational reliability and safety compliance. Propose Operating Procedures to provide overall control and co-ordination during testing of new equipment/pipelines and tanks.

  5. Review all engineering projects and maintenance jobs, including turnarounds and tanks rehabilitation works, initiate plant change requests in oil movement to improve operation, flexibility, reliability, economics and safety of all facilities in oil movement areas and assist in Performance Reviews (quarterly and annually) and in providing input to budget items 

  6. Implement monthly export schedule based on contacts and sales notified by TASWEEQ/Refinery production planning, review and approve pumping plan for each product transfer specifying pumping procedures and safety precautions to be followed and agreeing issue quantity of product exported with shippers nominated inspector/surveyor.

  7. Coordinate the planning for major maintenance requirements and preparation of equipment and tanks scheduled for start up, shutdown or maintenance and repair work, communicate all related information to the Shift Supervisors, follow up the operating condition of all auxiliary equipment (rotating and stationary) in Refinery oil movement Operation & Export area and Berth 6 and the maintenance scheduling of repair of any impaired equipment, ensure SAP notifications made correctly as per their priority. 

  8. Ensure the availability of all quality certificates for each product tank as filled and for each export shipment, availability and maintenance of OM&S software used for oil movement operations which has PFM, TCM, SDM, BRC (Blend Ratio Controller) and BPC (blend property control), and on line blenders including NIR (near infra red) analyser, BRC and BPC.

  9. Coordinate with internal counterpart such as production planning regarding medium and long term targets with respect to product specifications, volume targets and production limitations to ensure prompt and reliable finished products for delivery to required customer receipt point and with necessary external counterparts such as QP Terminal, NGL Plant, WOQOD, Q-Jet/HIA, QAFAC, QATEX to discuss current, medium and long range receipts or delivery volume targets in accordance with the Production Planning agenda to ensure smooth operations.

  10. Ensure compliance by department personnel to all safety and fire regulations, use of protective clothing and equipment, adherence to QP Refinery Safety Procedures and ISO requirements during normal and emergency situations, compliance of Qatar National Environment Laws in the assigned areas, address and resolve the issues having environmental impacts with assistance from relevant departments, discuss accident, incident and near miss reports with shift supervisors, senior/panel operators and area operators in order to avoid recurrence and initiate action plans to improve the standard of safety within the oil movement and berth6 areas